Software Engineer. Music Producer

I am a software engineer at Record Union. I focus more specifically on writing RESTful APIs backed by a gamut of cloud managed infrastructure. I focus on identity & access control on the web all powered by OpenIDConnect/OAuth2.0 and JWTs, I also enjoy getting stuck into actor model systems using Akka.NET. As far as design patterns go, I am a strong beleiver in DDD, and CQRS/ES. Most of my day to day dealings involves me coding in C# on .NET Core, or lurking within the ASP.NET Core community on Slack, or Gitter (you can find me there if you look hard enough). On the front end side of things I am a militant React fanboy, but I practice my react skills in my spare time. Prior to entering the job market, I completed my MSc Computer Science at the University of Cape Town, published a paper or two while I was at it. For everything else, you can grab my 1 page résumé here.

I also make music in my spare time for anyone who dares to have a listen.

Always up for podcast, or book suggestions, or anything that gives me the power to listen, learn, and grow.