20 Sep, 2016

Migrating from Jekyll to WordPress

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about blogging. Back in the day I basically decided that I, at the very least, required to have some form of website just to tell the world who Lutando is/was. As somebody who is not that amazing at anything `frontend development` related, I basically begrudgingly pushed myself to do the bare minimum required to get a site out that I was reasonably OK as a vehicle to represent who I was.  I then stumbled upon Jekyll, a blog-aware static site generator. Basically, it is a static site generator and bundle tool that turns your site templates into a static website.

Why would you want to do this? Well, in short, at the time, hosting a CMS platform to serve my blog was a little bit out of my price range on all the popular platforms. So I went for the next best thing which just happened to be Jekyll, and I could host it for free on a highly performant Github service that is (still to this day) free, So I Frankensteined my website with little to no experience in anything frontend. And this is what came out.

Anyways right now I am working on getting this blog and personal site up and running. Hopefully in the process I will learn a thing or two that will stick with me, and maybe you can read about it on here too.

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