16 Jan, 2017

Top Tracks of 2016

These are my top 20 tracks of 2016, in no particular order.

Barely Alive – Back To Back

This song opened up 2016 for me, It marches through the gates of what Must Die! Opened. The stupid high pitched sounds in this track may deter the meek however the artistic value in this song is really high. This song holds a special place in my heart because it is bass house, however the final drop can only be described as goat step (I have also heard the term whistle step thrown around). It’s a fucking cool song and the last drop is even more dope.


JOYRYDE – Fuel Tank

While this song might not have been JOYRYDES best song of the year (that probably goes to his song named ‘DAMN’). For me, personally this song hit the right mix of hype and bass and body in the song. I really like it, it mixes trap and basshouse like you’ve never seen before. It’s this creativity that earns it my favourite JOYRYDE track of the year


Spag Heddy – Oh My!

This song was revolutionary this year. It was the first song that kind of set the tone for Spag heddy’s year, it has got that stabby vibe that is seems uncontrollable to handle, but he seemed to make sure that  its musical. This song single handedly made me realise that dubstep has evolved beyond anyone’s imagination.


RUFUS – Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)

Well there’s nothing much to say about this track other than it is super divine, it is great to play at low volumes when you are chilling, and conversely when it is played live in a festival setting it utterly kills. Also, the normies love this song, probably because of the vocals from the original.


Zomboy – Like A Bitch

This song was the ID during the winter in the USA in 2015 and the ID of my summer. It was played in almost every set I listened to. It is quite an incredible track considering the flack that Zomboy gets. High energy full on banger.


Moderat – Reminder

Probably the most down to earth track on this list. In typical Moderat style this track shows just what sort of brilliance can come out of Berlin. I do prefer the album version over the one on YouTube, the one on the album is extended.


Mr Carmack – Hello1

This track is also one for the normies. But executed in typical Mr Carmack brilliance. This song puts me in a dream state.


Rickyxsan x Graves – The Plague

Rickyxsan known for his unique vocal phrasing and Graves being known for not being put into any sort of box, this collaboration was always going to be a winner. You can almost tell who did what in this track, especially if you’re familiar with both the artists concerned. I think this song really made me stand up and take notice at these two artists.


Soltan x Spag heddy – Bang Bazzar (ft Gravity)

Out of all the songs on this list I can say without a shadow of a doubt this is the best collaboration track in this list. This track showcases the best of Soltan and the best of Spag Heddy in full force. And it’s an onslaught of insanity all the way from the middle eastern influence present in Soltan’s music all the way to Spag Heddy’s ridiculous stabby bass. After the last drop of this song I had to take a shower.


Panda Eyes & Shivaji – Aurora

This song is a really close 2nd to the best collab on this list. It earns its place on my personal list because well quite frankly the whole track is magic. As a producer I really have trouble discerning how some of the sounds were designed and that is what makes this track magical for me.


Rickyxsan – Trippy

This track is the most played song on my phone according to my music player. I can tell you why. I have no idea how anything in this song is designed. I kept on listening to it, in the hopes that my brain might click. The vocal vox chops in this track is a fucking disaster.  Not only is this track a marvel of sound design but the final drop is nasty.


Quix – Laundry

Laundry is only a song that can come out of Quix’ imagination. It feels like an incredible journey and it takes me to a place. This song is so special I used it as a reference track to my song FAM ILY, well for the drums at least. Laundry is epic because its got this tribal feel and some of my brown friends seem to love it. The joke of it is that it hails out of New Zealand and not from the mother continent like my brown friends assumed.


Nothing more to be said about this song other than it sounds like pots and pans and that’s what im about. Superior bass house track. Jauz who?


This song revolutionized my way of thinking about music. NGHTMRE is walking proof that you can layer a fucking horn above your snares and its still ok. This track was also a massive ID in USA winter 2015 but got released in 2016.


Noisia – Mantra
Well, before I talk about this track, Noisias album was my personal album of the year (after which comes Lido’s album which is total opposite to what Noisia produced). Not a fan of the music video but this song makes me want to burn buildings and flip over cars. I use this track regularly to get me in the mood to get coding, to get a huge batch of work done.


Barely Alive – Poison Dart (BUSTED by Herobust)
probably my favourite track to come out of herobust in 2016. It boggles my mind how he makes some of these sounds. This was one of the first tracks to come out of Herobust that made everyone notice how well Herobust does his mixdowns and mastering.


Desiigner – Overnight

While people prefer panda (I’m sure) I think this is my favourite mainstream song of the year. It is a trap masterpiece, everything about it is perfect. And if youre into mumble rap then it’s a +1.
Nathan Fake – DEGREELESSNESS (ft Prurient)

Well, typical Nathan Fake style progressive techno/idm vibes. This song perhaps is my favourite IDM track of the year by miles. It simple exemplifies Nathan Fakes’ enthusiasm and keenness to explore the unkown.  Amazing track.


RL Grime x What So Not x Skrillex – Waiting (Tascione Re-Sauce)

Well, the original was going to make this list, however when I listened to the Tascione remix, I thought that this song was a better choice for me personally. The original really is great and nothing is wrong about it, Even my friends think its cool. But this remix puts everything I like into the same song.


Dillon Francis x NGHTMRE – Need You (Revazz Remix)

Sorry for my French but this song is 1 huge fuck. 1 huge fucking fuck. I don’t think ive ever heard anything like this before. Revazz remixed this song and made it his. The main drop of this song would send most people running away. Whenever I speak to Revazz I tell him that his music sounds like a fly is having sex with a wasp that is being bombarded by bees next to a dude playing with his zipper. This will only make sense if you give the track a listen.
Notable Mentions
Boombox Cartel x Quix – Supernatural : Pretty sure this is song of the year for many people.

Flume – Free : Just listen to it, its sublime as fuck.

Flume – Helix: I always called this song ear bleach. If you listened to something horrible just hear this track out to clean your ears out.


Check out my playlist on YouTube that has these tracks in it if you’re bored. Thanks.

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